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My name is Ratonhnhaké:ton, but you may call me Connor. Please, be quick, I am very busy.

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Haitus and Muse Break…

Been a while guys, huh? Well, sorry to leave you all in the dark for so long. Sadly, both Connor and Garret have been pretty quiet lately so I haven’t really felt like playing/drawing them. I blame new comics and Res, since she shifted my interest back toward Transformers, but maybe later this summer I’ll be able to pick Connor back up again. Fingers crossed—since he’s a fun character. :)

Right now I’m far too swamped with final projects for school and then afterward I’ll be skipping off to Oregon with Adam to visit his family, so you may or may not hear from me for a bit longer.

So, for now, consider me on haitus until I start posting art again. Thanks everyone who’s sent in asks to check up on me (makes me blush to know y’all care) and I hope everyone else in the finals crunch the best of luck! Stay classy! ;P


Thank you everyone who poked their head in and thanks to everyone for just being made of awesome sauce. Hopefully I’ll have things cleaned up and posted later, but now is sleep time. Thanks guys! :)

Join.Me tonight // DONE

Hey guys! So, UBER sorry for the absence—school, work, another project for ask-work-hard-play-hard, buuuuut I’m opening up a join.me session tonight. So if anyone’s up for it, please feel free to drop in and watch me scribble. :)

Link is here ——> JOIN.ME

So, y’all know how I was going on about whitewashing?

LOL, well guess who did some of that herself?

First off: I was wrong. I remembered something about Altair’s parents being one thing and another, but had mistakenly thought it was Arabic and European. All I knew off the top of my head was that one was supposedly an ‘other’, and I had assumed it to be some sort of Anglo-Saxon heritage. Big surprise I’d be left with that impression considering how Altair is often colored within the fandom, but that’s shifting the blame where it doesn’t belong and regardless, I was wrong.

Secondly: I make mistakes.

I had someone once told me that, because I have a lot of followers,my opinion is influential. That means I can convince every single one of you what you believed before was wrong; 2+2=orange, and yes you can indeed fly if you jump from a building that’s tall enough.

Good god I hope it’s not that easy or we’re going to have problems. (Seriously, screw school if world domination is this easy.)

I don’t care for sheeple. If you can read what I say and agree because it makes sense, cool. If I can offer my point of view change your previous conceptions so that you are now a more informed individual, that’s cool too. If you read what I say and take it as gospel because I’m the one who said it, I worry about your life choices. (Really? Me? You could do waaaay better, bro.)

My point is this: don’t always believe what you hear—even if it comes from someone you admire. People mess up—I proved that.




Thirdly: If anyone wants to take the time and explain how you can be half-Christian aka inherit a RELIGION in the womb, I’m all ears. Until then, Altair ain’t half nothin’. He’s 100% Assassin.

ngl if you have an Altair is half western European headcanon in canon setting I have a little less respect for you


Canon Altair is not half European





LOL I said I could go either way, but if I’ve got this mixed up, I am sorry. (Trust me, I prefer my tan characters to be tan, but I was under the impression he was Half European.)

Now my issue is this: How do you be half Christian? I think your mum has to be Jewish for you to be counted as Jewish (please don’t quote me on that). But when did religion become genetic?? IS THERE A CHRISTIAN GENE???? And could I get links for confirmation?

starrypawz added:

^ This. (Also Altair gets whitewashed a fair bit too, he is not white!)

icykitty said:

THANK YOU. Though I don’t understand why they make Altair white sometimes, since people in the middle east have tan-ish skin from what I remember.

lulles said:

Also, shouldn’t Altaïr be a bit tan? I mean, he’s from the Middle East.

dogplasma said:

Hell, even Altair should rightly be fairly olive, although you wouldn’t know it from fanart.

I’m going to admit, I give Altair more leeway since his European heritage ((EDIT: Checked the wiki—his mum was Christian, sorry about that, but to me he seems somewhat pale in the game.)) is a lot more prominent than Connor’s. I’d prefer him tan since it makes more sense, but if he’s not, I can buy it to a degree (not white, though). Malik, on the other hand…

askconnorthehoundlover said:

Altair was brown in the 1st game even though he’s part British. And Connor was originally going to be 100% Native, but they chose to make his father British to make the story more ‘interesting’.

I think it could have been more interesting if they’d actually focused more on how Connor’s mixed heritage could be a boon and a burden. Mixed bloods weren’t treated all that well in the colonies since Europeans considered Indians savages and primitives. Having a child with one could be considered a huge moral sin to the highly pious colonists, too.
The fact that Ziio rejected Haytham and returned to the tribe a single-mother after losing her standing as potential Clan Mother is also an interesting line of thought, but I don’t know enough about the Mohawk culture to guess how that could have affected Connor.

themasterassassins added:

Agreed! They do the same with Aveline (+ making her have straight hair for some reson?) Eventhough I don’t think they do it to be mean, it’s still something that’s stupid.

haytham-senpai added:

With Aveline, do you mean 100% poker-straight hair? I have a hard time drawing braids. Well for Aveline, I ‘cheat’ by drawing her hair wavy…

Thank you Haytham-sempai for being honest and showing what I mean: I don’t think people do it to be mean. If it’s something hard to draw, like hair or certain facial features (one of the hardest thing for some artists is to vary their face shapes and features—I’m still learning to do that) we create shortcuts.

What I don’t understand is coloring. It’s not hard to pick a brown pencil or select brown in your color palette.


babybrody said:


I’m going to be mean and link some examples—if only so I can show you guys how ridiculous it can be.







Y’all see where I’m coming from here, right?

 I maybe sort of reeeeeaaally have issues with how often fandoms whitewash characters. Especially the Assassin’s Creed fandom. Connor’s got Haytham’s European blood but NOWHERE in the game do his genes rear up, slap him across the face, and turn him into a pasty-faced peckerwood. 
Could someone do me a favor and tell me WHY they choose to color characters like Connor or James Heller the same shade as Altair or Alex Mercer? I honestly can’t wrap my mind around it and I’d genuinely appreciate an explanation.
What do you ahve against MLP??

Ok, since I’ve had enough folks asking me about this: I don’t have anything against My Little Pony. Not…… exactly.

1) This is an Assassin’s Creed blog.

2) I have no interest in drawing MLP. And if I draw it once, I might be expected to do so again. I’m capable of ignoring these asks, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying.

3) My biggest issue is with the fans—certain fans. Now, as a rule, I try not to judge a fandom based on it’s fans because, more often than not, the crazies are just the loudest (See: Westboro Baptist Chuch). However, I’ve had some bad experiences with a good number, most of which I attracted without intention. One even decided to insult my dead dad because lol they thought it was a good argument ender.

I’m not saying the entirely of the MLP fandom is bad, but by opening the doors, for every 10 good fans I’m inviting 1 possible crazy and that’s just not something I want. So, do a gal a favor and respect my boundaries on this one?

Eeeeeeeeee! Tag your it! Now you have to go to my page and see my recent post. :D

Awwww, thank you so muuuuch! *hug* I hope you don’t mind I reblogged it so everyone else can see. :>


A really lame drawing of mine of my favorite people on tumblr. Ezio is on the roof, soaking up some spotlight, while wearing a we love the creed t-shirt and some flame shorts. Edward and Connor are on a spinning swing ride but Edward is having fun while Connor is panicking trying to chase after him. Yukitoko is next to the spotlight lamp holding a Szayel plushie. Under Yukitoko, is a femcon(which is ask give-me-lee and not a chibi) trying to be sleek with rock climbing straps around her and its attached to the bottom of the platform. Haytham is in an air balloon calling out to Connor to catch his hat. On top of the air balloon, is Luxord, who’s enjoying his view. Rain is strapped to a line attached to Haytham’s air balloon and she’s holding an umbrella that releases rain from it.

Awwww, thank you Luna! *hug*

So, Res and I had an idea while we were finalizing our San Diego Comic Con plans… If we held a meet up there, would anybody want to come? We’d probably just be getting lunch, but it’d be a chance to sit down and meet all the wonderful folks that have made hosting our ask blogs such a blast.

For now, we’re just asking for a reality check to see if folks would wanna come. Please give a shout if you’re interested?

Please can we see more of Lady Connor?

((Give me some fun Lady Connor asks and I can maybe make it happen.))


((Yes, Anon, it is me…. though if Fem!Connor does look like me, it’s probably because I have a bad habit of drawing my face on things. Just that little artist quirk I think a lot of us have (character might end up with the same nose or similar eyes, etc). Though my boyfriend did tell me some of my expressions tend to show up on Connor here and there. LOL))